10:00 - 10:50

Concurrent Sessions A

Supporting Our Youngest Learners: Centering Children's Voices Through Kid Writing

Rainey Auditorium

Leslie Spina, Executive Director; Jennifer Winterle, Center Director; Robin Meadows-Fuller, Teacher, Mandy Crozier, Curriculum Director, Kinder Academy

Vera Lee, Clinical Professor, Drexel University

Yeqing Liu, Graduate Student; Sydney Ringel, Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

Moderator: Carol Roth, Teacher Consultant, Philadelphia Writing Project

Discussant: Judy Buchanan, Teacher Consultant, Philadelphia Writing Project

Explore emergent writing with the Philadelphia Writing Project (PhilWP) and Pre-K educators. Since 2015, PhilWP has been supporting educators in learning how to integrate learning across language processes, including a range of home languages, and documenting the positive impact a systematic developmental approach has on young learners. The session will also feature results of a study, which investigated the adaptation of Kid Writing (KW) in five multicultural, multilingual early learning centers.

#EnhacingLiteracyInstruction #PhilWP #EarlyLiteracy #Mid-CareerProgram

AI & Chat GPT for Your Classroom and Hustle

Widener Auditorium

Samuel Reed, Teacher, U School; Teacherprenuer, SriiiConsulting; Teacher Consultant, Philadelphia Writing Project; Raniyah Lawrence-Ashford, Grade 12 Student, U School; FinHtern, SriiiConsulting

Join this interactive workshop, co-presented by high school students and the lead presenter, to discover how AI and Chat GPT can revolutionize your classroom practices and enhance your side hustle for social good. Explore practical applications and innovative strategies for integrating AI technology into your teaching and entrepreneurial endeavors. Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and walk away with actionable ideas to leverage AI and Chat GPT for educational and professional success. The lead presenter has also published a blog on Medium.com titled "Chat GPT for Your Classroom and Hustle," further expanding on the topic.

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A Framework for Curricular Inquiry

Room M1

Wendy Towle, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Staff Development and Planning; Kim Morris, Supervisor of Curriculum and Staff Development, Tredyffrin Easttown School District

This workshop will introduce participants to a framework for creating units of study anchored by essential questions and incorporating multiple perspectives across historical, social, and cultural contexts. The framework supports teachers in facilitating discussion and critical thinking around topics and questions that may be sensitive or even controversial.

#InnovativeContent #Curriculum #HardHistories #DistrictLeaders #Mid-CareerProgram

Building Brave Spaces in School

Room L1

Use Journal Prompts to STOP Bullying and Create a Culture of Kindness in Your K-12 Classroom 

K.M. Walton (@kmwalton on IG, @kmwalton1 on X, @kmwaltoncreates on TikTok, K.M. Walton on LinkedIn), Founder and Owner, Camp Kindness Press

Power lies in understanding. Journal writing holds the unique power of personal reflection allowing students to experience profound insights about themselves and their behaviors. When practiced in a safe, encouraging classroom setting the entries help build common ground, crush assumptions, and allow for a plethora of other activities.

#InnovativeContent #SocialEmotionalLearning #TraumaInformed

Selecting Texts for Classroom Use

Room L2

Interrogating Text: Instructional Strategies to Develop Historical Empathy in K-8 Classrooms

Deborah Bartley-Carter, PhD Student, Montclair State University; Tanya Suarez, PhD Candidate, Montclair State University

Jennifer Bartley, Teacher, Oakwood Avenue School, Orange Public School District

How can teachers discern whether or not a book with BIPOC characters or representation perpetuates stereotypical narratives rather than representing authentic experiences? We will serve as an incubator to amplify, analyze and identify how teachers can create safe spaces for growth and conversation using historical thinking strategies to teach literature.

From Diversity to Belonging: Nurturing Inclusivity and Literacy Skills in the Classroom

Elaine Johnson (Website, @eteaches365 on IG, @eteaches365 on YouTube, Educational Consultant

Attendees will participate in a book tasting with diverse groups of authors and Illustrators. I will demonstrate how I use book tastings and windows and mirrors lessons to support multilingual students with dignity. This workshop will empower teachers to nurture diverse voices and promote meaningful literacy experiences. Educators will participate and take home resources for how to plan their own book tasting and create critical thinking questions using Social Justice Standards.

#EnhancingLiteracyInstruction #SelectingTexts #Diversity #SocialJustice

Innovative Programs That Support Writing and Student Voice

Room L3

C.O.U.N.T. on Creating Authentic and Relevant Writing Experiences in the Classroom

Kamshia Childs, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-Commerce

This session will address ways to implement instruction beyond the traditional limits of writing. Participants will learn ways to use writing as a voice and a force, and create writing that transcends beyond paper—using blogging, podcasting, and programs such as ChatGPT to explore literacy.

Small but Mighty: Using Interdisciplinary Small Groups to Deepen Students’ Literacy Skills

Patty Fox, School Librarian, Highland Park Elementary School, Upper Darby School District; Andrea Gray, School Based Academic Coach for English Language Arts, School District of Philadelphia; Teacher Consultant, Philadelphia Writing Project; Niki Wenigmann, Elementary Teacher, Penn Alexander School, School District of Philadelphia; Teacher Consultant, Philadelphia Writing Project

In this workshop, participants will experience an interdisciplinary approach to using small groups in elementary-level literacy instruction that is driven by student voice and curiosity. Developed as a pilot summer enrichment program by a university-school partnership, the model synthesizes the most effective elements and empowered reading, writing, listening, and speaking practices.

#EnhancingLiteracyInstruction #Technology #StudentVoice

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